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Askanya Cacao Chocolate Bars 12 Set

“This gourmet Askanya cacao chocolate bar set of 12 includes the best chocolate bars from Haiti. Each bar is handcrafted

Askanya Chocolate Bars 4 Set

“The Askanya chocolate bars are made from premium cacao beans from Haiti. This set includes four different bars with varying

Askanya Haitian Chocolate Bars 8 Set

“This Haitian chocolate bar set of 8 is made in Haiti. Natural ingredients are sourced directly from Haitian farmers and

Mayola Olej słonecznikowy


Wysokiej jakości olej słonecznikowy. 

Minimalna ilość do sprzedaży to 2000 sztuk.

Mayola Sunflower Oil


Promotional offer valid until end of the year.

High quality sunflower oil. 

Minimum quantity for sale is 2000 units.

Соняшникова олія Майола


Соняшникова олія високої якості.

Мінімальна кількість для продажу 2000 одиниць.